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Science Parties

Mainly for boys, but lots of girls will be interested and excited by this too, how about a Science Party?Mad Science run parties across London and the South East, and perform experiements, magic, special effects and more. Works out reasonable price for quite a few kids, and they add mileage, but makes a great chance from the usual bouncey castle and pass the parcel gig!

Party Gift Ideas

Party bags have come to be expected, even by 3 and 4 year olds these days! One idea that may cost a little bit more, but will be very memorable is to order a bunch of impression kits from Button & Bean and have the kids provide handprint that you can get imprinted into silver, for a lasting memory of the day!

Animal Parties

Many companies and individuals now run parties for kids where they bring along a varierty of different types of animal for holding, petting, feeding etc. Rain Forest theme with snakes, giant snails, spiders etc. farm theme (if you have the space!) or a whole host of other animal party ideas.. check this out for more ideas!

Swimming Parties

If your kids are already confident swimmers, then this kind of party can be great fun. Ideally, try and find somewhere you can book the whole pool, with water slides for a reasonable amount of money... they will typically supply life guards, but also request you have a good parent to child ratio in the water... great fun, tires them out a treat!

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What we can’t do is handle child care for all your party loving parents out there. You’re on your own for that really, but we can suggest you either find a trusted local teenager to handle the baby sitting duties, or if you haven’t already, why not consider an au pair or a Nanny? Our friends over at Nanny & Butler can help out with the latter, let them know the Party Guru sent you!
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